5 [hair] products I ABSOLUTELY cannot live without!!


I’ll admit… I’m quite the product junkie..and when I say hair products, I mean PROFESSIONAL products.. purchased from a PROFESSIONAL cosmetologist… but there are a few products that I ABSOLUTELY cannot live without!!!!! I’m talkin’ about, if I leave for a weekend or even just one night, THESE products are IN my bag!

[ A vast majority of hair products are marketed to do ONE thing, as a stylist behind the chair 50+ hours a week, I like to think out of the box on how to use one product in several different scenarios… keep that in mind as you read below! ]

—All products here are conveniently located at Fringe!!—

1. L’Oreal Professionel— Tecni Art Volume Envy Extra Mousse

LET ME TELL Y’ALL SOMETHING! I shampoo my hair on Tuesdays… TUESDAYS.. that’s it. Let’s say it a little louder for those in the back.. Tuesdays! Say what you will, but I have THIN hair, that naturally grows VERY slow!! ….and I am a BLEACH junkie! SO in order to keep hair ON my head, I only shampoo my hair on Tuesdays! With that being said… Volume Envy Extra is a mousse, that is to be applied on the SCALP for volume at the scalp! (for best results with any volume mousse, apply on the scalp ONLY, if you put mousse on your ends–not only will it be weighed down and heavy from extra product but it will DRY your ends out!!!!!!!!!) This particular mousse has Salicylic acid to dry any natural oils on the scalp! —Hence the reason I only shampoo my hair.. WHEN?! …on Tuesdays!

2. R+CO—–Spiritulized Dry Shampoo Mist

4.2 Ounces of GOODNESS!!!! Marketed to those that workout, or lead busy lives, or people like ME that shampoo their hair once a week.. this magical little bottle is 1/2 micellar water & 1/2 dry shampoo powder! This time saver, actually dissolves the oil instead just covering it up! YOU NEED THIS IN YA LIFE!

3. Kenra #9 Design Spray

This light hold hairspray is my go-to hairspray!! Light, and workable, with juuuuuust enough hold to get shit done! …personally I think it smells like Skittles and sunshine.. and it’s water soluble (shampoos easily off the hair)… definite bonus!

4. R+Co High Dive— Shine + Moisture Cream

This bottle of goodness is a styling creme and doubles as a weightless leave in conditioner!! SHINE—let’s talk about SHINE! Not only a beautiful, just got my hair colored shine, but it smooths and seals the hair while leaving moisture, softening your hair, and drowning out ALL your frizzies!

5. R+Co Moon Landing— Anti-Humidity Spray

We live in North East Texas… it’s humid errrrrrryday! It’s lightweight, aerosol, helps control frizz, absorbs instantly, has a flexible hold, and TAMES FLYAWAYS and is designed to work in the TOUGHEST of humidity!! EVEN HERE smack dab in the Bowie County!

These are my absolute MUST haves! Questions?! Ask! 

Until next time!
Sendin’ out sugars!

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