How to make your hair color last… a few tips to prevent color fading!

How to make your hair color last longer with regular at home maintenance!

Y’ALL!!!! I’ve been gone a few weeks!! Having a few technical difficulties! (I’m a hair stylist not an IT lady, but we’re back in business!)

  1. Don’t head straight to the shower! —- Try to wait at least 24 hours before shampooing! This allows the color molecules to settle into the hair shaft!
  2. Skip that super hot water! —- Shampooing with warm water, and rinsing with cool water will help prolong the gorgeous color your stylist gave you!
  3. Space out your shampoo days! —- As y’all know, Tuesdays are MY day! ha! Putting as many days as possible in between shampooing will help with stripping the hair of color and the natural oils that keep your hair healthy! (R&CO available at Fringe, has 4 different dry shampoo options just for YOU!)
  4. Use your shampoo in the right places! —- Focus your shampoo on your roots! Over cleansing the middle to ends will strip your color over time!
  5. Heat is your enemy! —- I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re damaging your air every time you turn on that blow dryer or flat iron… Use a heat protection oil or spray every time you blow dry!
  6. PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS are a MUST!! —- To protect your investment on your head, professional products offered by your stylist are an absolute MUST!

Fringe Salon & Beauty Bar has a vast inventory of R&CO Products! And we’ll even walk it out to your car! Message your favorite Fillie to see what you need to add to your collection!

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