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Elizabeth McClure, Professional Hair Stylist & Lady Blogger


I want to personally welcome you to Pretty Bitchin’ —-the blog about ALL the questions you wanna ask your hairstylist… but don’t! We’ll walk through hand in hand everything HAIR, beauty inspired, some makeup tips here and there, thrifty local FINDS, even some good tunes, & everything WOMAN oriented! From how to do a full face of makeup in 15 minutes, or curl your hair like those fancy gals on the cover of Cosmo, all from the convenience of your own home!

Let me start by introducing myself!! My name is Elizabeth McClure! I’m a seasoned, ever learning, professional hair stylist at Fringe Salon & Beauty Bar– #bestlilhairsaloninTexas  , in Texarkana, Texas… I’m a Texas girl to the BONE, a wife, a chicken farmer, a dog cuddler, and the textbook definition of a Southern Mama… I have a weakness for old vinyl, daddy’s worn out denim shirts, and new boots. A lover of fresh biscuits and mama’s cookin’ and I’m a sucker for a good book and a cheap glass of wine in my porch swing! New root lifters excite me to my core, and I am a COMPLETE Chemistry NERD!

I absolutely CANNOT wait to start this journey with y’all! I want y’all to be here with me every step of the way! NO questions are dumb questions! We’re all girlfriends here! Just think of me as that one friend that you’ve known since grade school, that you can call up anytime, and ask anything, and get an honest answer!!

Until next time!
Sendin’ out sugars!
xooooxoooo, Elizabeth

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